MORE Training:  Personal training sessions held at The Farm (UNC's Faculty-Staff Recreation) r or my home studio.

MORE In-Home Training:  Personal training sessions held in your home or the fitness room in your complex.
MORE Swimming:  Private swimming lessons for both adults and children.
MORE Workouts:  Written workouts customized to your fitness needs and goals.  Included are: 1) an hour-long getting to know you consultation with Meg; 2) a fitness plan custom-built for your life; 3) biweekly phone consultations to track progress;  and 4) weekly email check-ins to answer questions, boost motivation, and troubleshoot.

Individual Programs

Group Program Eligibility

MORE Essentials:  A 12 week program that meets twice per week for one hour lessons and focuses on emotional, social, and physical development.  The program will begin with educational sessions on physiological and psychological determinants of health and well-being through exercise, recreation, and group discussions.  Topics include Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle, Positivity, Gratitude, Assessing Our Values, Fueling a Healthy Lifestyle, Community Supports, and Planning for the Future.   The exercise portion of the program, which will begin slowly and gradually increase as participants gain strength and endurance, will include walking and strength and flexibility training.  The program culminates with the group walking in a local 5K event or hiking on a local trail.   The spring and fall sessions will focus on training to complete a local 5K event as a group.  The summer session will focus on training to complete a group hike on a local trail.

NOTE:  The MORE Essentials programs are designed exclusively for and are available only to cancer survivors.

Group Programs

Program participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Have received a cancer diagnosis sometime in the past,
  • Completed cancer treatments,
  • Have a physician's clearance to exercise.