I want to thank you for all the work you have done with me.  I feel better and more competent with the physical demands than I have for years.  I am managing my own kayak, moving it up and down hills to the shore and in and out of the water, and hiking up big mountains without any complaints or  sense of being frail or compromised.


Meg Pomerantz is a fantastic personal trainer, and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting in shape or getting a loved one in shape.  We went to Meg to train our son, who loves video games and doesn’t much like physical activity. We’ve worked with Meg for 7 months.  She is organized, knows what she’s doing, and has incredible patience.

I believe our experience is unique, but I’d like to recommend an approach to other parents. I started shadowing my child as part of our personal “deal” for him to put forth the necessary effort. Meg makes it easy. I do everything after my child does it. This helps me know what to do on off days or when we have to work out without Meg’s help. It also has me stronger than I’ve been at any point in my life. No kidding! This has helped me to realize that maybe I should have been working with a personal trainer in the past.

As I said above, Meg has incredible patience. Our son is hyper active (lovable but the motor rarely stops), talks up a storm about YouTube and video games and tends to find little excuses to try and get out of certain exercises. She listens and persists kindly and shifts things around so that, no matter what, we’re getting great workouts and feeling great about the experience.

~Bret Johnson